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We not only repossess passenger vehicles and motorcycles, we also specialize in the recovery of non-auto collateral. This includes but not limited to tractors, trailers, RV's, heavy equipment, ATV's, and watercraft. Universal Services has the expertise and highly trained staff to safely recover and secure your collateral. 


Locating a debtor or collateral can often be time consuming and difficult. We have professional Skip Tracers on staff to assist with locating your debtors or collateral. They use the most effective tools available  and constantly stay up to speed with changes in the Skip Tracing industry. 


Disposing of repossessed collateral can be time consuming and troublesome. Collateral ReMarketing has long been an intrical part of daily activities here at Universal Services. Our many years experience in the recovery industry have allowed us to understand the needs and desires of our clients. Providing assistance with the sale of repossessed collateral has always been a service in demand. Our staff is trained to handle your re-marketing needs from repossession to final sale and title work.  Ask us how we can save you time and money by using our auction to sell your collateral.


Universal Services of North Carolina, Inc. also provides locksmith services for all collateral that we recover. This includes heavy equipment, RV's, ATV's, etc. 


Our Nationwide Forwarding Program enables you to call only Universal Services to get the service you deserve. Our office has the ability to recover your collateral regardless of it's location. Over the years our office has networked closely with only the finest recovery firms in the nation. Using our program will save you time and money. Call for more information.

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