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Re-marketing Services 

& Collateral Liquidation

The disposal process of repossessed collateral can sometimes be very time consuming and troublesome.  Vehicle Remarketing has long been an integral part of daily activities at Universal Services of North Carolina, Inc. Our many years experience in the recovery industry have allowed us to understand the needs and desires of our clients. Providing assistance with the sale of repossessed and stored collateral has always been a service in demand. Depending on the type of collateral, we offer a variety of ways and means to maximize your return, while protecting the rights to a deficiency balance.

Within 10 days after a written request for sales assistance is submitted to our office , Universal Services can provide a reasonable offer to purchase. Should the highest offer be accepted, written confirmation must be received the same day. 


Your proceeds will be dispersed within 10 days of receiving proper title work. Our TFA and ARA Bonds guarantee payment from all sales.

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